Andrew Flenner, Attorny at Law


"If you think you may need a lawyer, you need a lawyer."

The reason for this is simple: Most people are unaware of the rights, the timelines, the benefits to which they are entitled, and the potential resources available to persons who were injured at work or through the actions of others. Those responsible for compensating you for your injuries have a vested interest in getting you to sign away your rights as quickly as possible before you even know what those rights are, leaving resources on the table you never knew existed and foregoing rights you never knew you had. If you have been injured at work, in a car accident, on another’s property, by a defective product, or in any other manner by the actions or inaction of another person or company, I will explain your rights to you and fight to ensure that your rights, resources, and current and future finances are protected. Another reason you need a lawyer: Chances are they already have one. Don’t go into this outgunned from the start.

Attorney Andrew Flenner is a personal injury attorney concentrating his practice in workers’ compensation, car accidents, trip and fall, slip and fall, defective products, and any other type of injury. Attorney Flenner has fought extensively for injured workers’ entitlement to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act, Act 534, Act 632, and the Heart and Lung Act on behalf of corrections officers, police officers, and other public employees.

If you are in a union, Attorney Flenner will also fight to ensure that you receive any benefits provided to you through your union, such as employer or union provided short-term disability, long-term disability, public or private pension, severance, vacation time, and sick leave. He will ensure that you receive and any and all potential resources you and your union have fought for to help you through the difficult time following your injury.

Attorney Flenner grew up in Pittsburgh, and served as a Supply Specialist in the US Army Reserve. He then obtained his undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University. After a short time in the media industry where his duties also included hours upon hours of charity work for the local communities, as well as extensive radio news coverage of the local and national news.

He then returned to Penn State and earned his law degree from the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. While attending law school, Attorney Flenner was an editor for the Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation and the World Arbitration and Mediation Report. Also while at law school, Attorney Flenner worked as a legal researcher for scholarly legal articles for various legal journals, as well as for the Blair County Public Defender Office.

Attorney Flenner worked at a defense firm for a period of time, defending insurance companies from workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. This experience gave him the “inside track” on how the insurance companies and their law firms handle injury cases and manipulate the victims of work injuries and negligent conduct. Attorney Flenner now uses that knowledge against the insurance companies and their law firms to protect injured workers and victims of negligence.

Attorney Flenner lives in Pittsburgh with his beautiful wife, Dawn. He is immensely proud of his son, Dylan, who is currently attending college in Williamsport. On the weekends in the summer, you can frequently find him manning his barbecue pit. When the weather does not permit, Attorney Flenner is an avid sports fan, music fan, and former musician.